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1615 Rising Glen, Los Angeles, CA 90069


Based internationally, the owner of 1615 Rising Glen on the Sunset Strip has engaged Sotheby’s Luxury Lease Collection on an ongoing basis to successfully lease the home, ensuring the transition of tenants is smooth the home remains in premium condition and the experience is turnkey.


In order to successfully lease 1615 Rising Glen for a client located overseas, Sotheby’s Luxury Lease Collection established significant trust with the owner in order to seamlessly manage the investment property. Through communicating with the property manager to ensure tenants move in and out swiftly with no issues, Sotheby’s Luxury Lease Collection has effectively managed home repairs and improvements with a keen understanding for the enhancements that will actually drive demand versus show little to no return on investment. On the marketing front, Sotheby’s Luxury Lease Collection regularly refreshes the branding for 1615 Rising Glen to maintain a fresh visual identity for the property when it comes time to debut the home for lease. ​​​​​​


Sotheby’s Luxury Lease Collection has consistently exceeded expectations when representing 1615 Rising Glen, with a track record of successfully securing the asking price of the listing throughout the past three years—each time leasing the home in less than 45 days, typically with multiple tenant applications.

Eric Lavey & Partners established significant trust with the owner in order to seamlessly manage the investment property.


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