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​​​​​​​5407 WILBUR AVENUE, LOS ANGELES, CA 91356

​​​​​​​5407 Wilbur Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 91356


After completing a remodel, the owner of 5407 Wilbur Avenue engaged Sotheby’s Luxury Lease Collection to lease the home. With the home in pristine condition. Sotheby’s Luxury Lease Collection recognized there would be great market demand for this extraordinary home—the challenge would be maximizing the home’s potential.


With a keen understanding of the local market and high-net-worth target audiences, Sotheby’s Luxury Lease Collection implemented a custom marketing campaign for the home aimed at driving immediate demand. The goal for this home was not just to secure a lease—the goal was to capture the highest possible offer.  Sotheby’s Luxury Lease Collection completed marketing materials that effectively told the story of the home—beyond just the tangible attributes—in order to effectively resonate with the market and support a premium listing price.


​​​​​​​Having received multiple offers as anticipated, Sotheby’s Luxury Lease Collection managed each application to ensure the best candidate was selected for the home. Leveraging extensive experience selling luxury homes, Sotheby’s Luxury Lease Collection approached negotiations by building trust and establishing value for the home. It successfully resulted in securing a lease for above-asking price.

Leveraging extensive experience selling luxury homes, Eric Lavey & Partners approached the negotiations by building trust and establishing value for the home.


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